Sunday, August 23, 2009

Improving Clickbank Commissions

How to Make More Money Evey Day From Clickbank!

Clickbank is an affiliate dream in my opinion. You can choose from thousands of products and make a lot of money in the process. With that said there are many Clickbank affiliates who are still looking to make that first sale, so how do you do it? I have outlined a simple system for those that want to improve Clickbank commissions, and you can read it all in this article.

The first step to improving Clickbank commissions is to find products with great sales pages that do not have too much competition. Competition can be a good thing once you are experienced, but if you are a newbie you will make much more money promoting products with a gravity around 50 that are outside of the marketing or make money online niche.

After you have found two or three products that meet the above criteria, you need to write keyword rich articles to help you make sales. If you pick great niche products with a demand and not much competition you can literally have over 1,000 views for each article that you write. This means that each article can easily bring you four or five sales if done correctly.

An article with a powerful headline that has great keywords and a killer resource box will really improve your Clickbank commissions. The key with Clickbank is to find great products and write great articles. You also want to have a link to your website or blog in the resource box so people can make their way to your affiliate links.

This is a simple system to make money on Clickbank, and the real key to it all is writing more effective articles.